Heart 4 Ipswich 

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  • Communication 
  • Connection 
  • Collaboration

Heart 4 Ipswich works together with Christians, Churches and Christian organisations to better serve the people of Ipswich, by:



We aim to provide resources to improve communication across Ipswich's community:

  • website and social-media (Facebook & Twitter)
  • regular e-bulletins of news and upcoming events
  • E.G. Magazines & Roadshow events to highlight amazing Good News stories
  • calendar of Ipswich Christian events
  • stimulate prayer

The Heart 4 Ipswich Communications Team can be contacted at stories@heart4ipswich.co.uk



We aim to better connect people with Christians, Churches or Cross-Church organisations in our town with:
  • Directory of Churches
  • Directory of cross-Church organisations or projects
  • Directory of venues and facilities 
  • Directory of Christian businesses & services
  • listing opportunities & small ads to volunteer, train, and advertise
  • facilitating events for Christians to network

The Heart 4 Ipswich Web Team can be contacted at info@heart4ipswich.co.uk



We aim to help Christians, Churches or cross-Church organisations work well together and with others in our town

  • working in association with around 70 churches in
  • working with over 35 cross-Church organisations or projects
  • working with Suffolk Churches Together
  • working with local statutory and voluntary organisations  (Community Action Suffolk, IBC, Suffolk Coastal, East Suffolk Partnership)
  • working with national organisations (Cinnamon Network, Jubilee Plus, Faith Action UK)

The Heart 4 Ipswich Taskforce Team can be contacted at coordinator@heart4ipswich.co.uk

The Team

The Heart for Ipswich team currently consists of the following people, and many others representing a range of mainstream churches:

Phil Stollery, Pastor Mick Reynolds, Revd Tim Yau, Gareth Roberts, Bev Deacon, Rachel Pryor and many others.


Information about Christianity & Statement of Faith

Heart for Ipswich has adopted a statement of faith which is based on the traditional Nicene Creed, and is pleased to work with any who share this position of belief.

To see our statement of faith please click here.

To submit a story or publicise an event please email:  stories@heart4ipswich.co.uk