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Review of Weekly Insights for the Workplace: A Devotional for Christian Professionals

Breakfasting on a 52-week devotional does not mean you will only have devotions once a week. Rather, it means that you will have a single collection of verses, a story or biblical principle to study, pray about, meditate on and apply to your life as God leads throughout an entire week.

Especially for business owners, employees, unemployed, under-employed, in transition, this book provides an excellent resource that addresses topics in the workplace such as:

  • Job searching
  • Watching out for Negative Emotions
  • Dealing with Difficult Situations
  • Struggling for Promotion
  • The Christian’s Business Relationships
  • The Provisions of God
  • Being Light in a Dark World

Based on weekly affirmations that build boldness and confidence, these devotions draw on the Word of God for edification, comfort and strength for the soul.

In addition, the volume provides a section on how to find God’s will in your career, along with seven spiritual tips and prayers for your career journey.

Readers have the opportunity to make a commitment to serve God, along with spiritual considerations and views to keep you focused as you journey through your careers.

As Christian professionals, we view the world of work differently from the way we did before we put our trust in Christ. Whereas we may have looked at our career path as simply a way to put food on the table and pay the bills while we pursue our real interests, we now see it as a calling from the Lord. So, let us walk together as we "let your light shine before others, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven" (Matthew 5:16).

Global audiences have described this book as an excellent resource – more than a devotional but a lifetime resource with applications that far exceed the workplace.

John WedlakesJohn Wedlake
Retired Board Member
Christians in Communications, UK 

John Wedlakes, 07/06/2016


Christian music in Suffolk: Cherise Phillips, Singer-Songwriter

Keith Sadler a singer-songwriter from Suffolk writes:  "In this months blog I’ll be continuing my look at some of the fantastic music being made by Christian artists in our area."

Keith Sadler Blog April 2016 1

Photo Keith Sadler (above) and 'Saviour Life' album cover (below right) by kind permission

Keith writes:

In this months blog I’ll be continuing my look at some of the fantastic music being made by Christian artists in our area. As I’ve said before (and I’ll say again, many times) there is so much great music being made in Suffolk at the moment. So I really encourage you to get out and experience it. I think we’re living through a very exciting time, with an explosion of musical talent emerging in our beautiful county. Don't miss out! (As an aside - The Grapevine Magazine is a great place to start if you’re looking for local music that fits your taste) 

Keith Sadler Blog April 2016 2What is also wonderful to see is that much of this brilliant music is being made by Christians. One such writer and performer is Cherise Phillips. 

I can still vividly remember the first time I saw Cherise perform. It was at the friendly and vibrant open mic night at The Grinning Rat in Ipswich. It was one of those evenings where each and every act who got up to perform was great. However even amongst such a strong crowd of performers Cherise really stood out to me. With a strong clear and soulful voice, it always feels like Cherise is singing straight from her heart. That is also the strategy Cherise takes when writing too, as she said in a recent post on her Facebook page, she loves to write, enjoying “That feeling when you put pen to paper & release the feelings straight from your heart & soul”. 

In releasing her music straight from her heart and soul her Christian faith shines through. Like myself, Cherise doesn't define herself as a ‘Christian Singer-Songwriter’ but rather as a Singer -Songwriter who happens to be a Christian. As she explained to me, “My music doesn't always fit the 'Christian' genre but it's all inspired by my life as a Christian & experiences faced”. 

Honest and open songwriting, with a voice that resonates with the soul. I love it! Looking forward to seeing what Cherise has in store for us in the future. 

You can connect with Cherise’s music:
-On Facebook at:
-On SoundCloud at:
-And on Twitter at: @Official_cherise 


Keith Sadler 2Keith Sadler is a singer-songwriter who lives deep in the beautiful Suffolk countryside with his wife Anna. He was born and raised in Ipswich where he became a Christian aged 18, having been brought up in an Atheist/Agnostic household. He is a regular on the local music scene here in Suffolk as well as performing shows around the UK and beyond. 
He believes in open and honest songwriting and therefore often speaks about his Christian faith in his songs, even incorporating Worship songs into his sets. 
Keith also writes songs for Worship and authored 'Holy (Isaiah 6)' which has been sung in Churches around the world. 
Keith and Anna attend West Suffolk Vineyard Church in Bury St Edmunds. 
For more information about Keith and his music visit:

(The views expressed here are those of the author, not of Heart 4 Ipswich, and are intended to stimulate constructive debate. We welcome your thoughts upon the ideas expressed here, posted as comments below)

Keith Sadler, 08/04/2016


Risen the movie: You'll be glad you watched this!

RisenHaving dipped a toe in the water with recent faith-based movies like Soul Surfer and War Room, Hollywood has now gone the whole nine yards with Risen – an epic in the Ben Hur mould with Joseph Fiennes in the lead role.

Magnificently cast, acted, filmed and produced, Risen traces the days following Jesus' crucifixion from the perspective of a Roman soldier tasked to "find the body or else" and struggling with the evidence that confronts him. And, unlike the way Noah and Exodus rewrote the Bible's narrative, this film sticks closely to it.

risen-movie-posterWhich means, if you want to encourage movie moguls to produce more of the same, you need to cast your vote by watching it - released on March 18 it is still in Ipswich cinemas until Good Friday – and taking others with you. 

You'll be glad you did. For those over-familiar with the resurrection events there are moments of surprising freshness and insight. While, for the not yet persuaded there is much to ponder. However, you will leave wishing it had been cut by fifteen minutes or so. The bewildered disciples' four day journey from Jerusalem to Galilee, for example, seems to take a month of Sabbaths.

For me, I'd have liked the title to have had a question mark – Risen? – and the script to have been more enquiring rather than all nailed down. However, the investigating soldier 'gets it' and Jesus metaphorically rides into the sunset quoting the last words of Mathew's Gospel – with no indication, as Mathew also records, that at that moment "some doubted". But the main audience will be in America and, when it comes to keeping the Bible Belt happy, art is always likely to be trumped by propaganda.

 And those conservatives will be more than happy – especially when the only time the Bible gets messed with is to allow Peter to be fully clothed wading to Jesus on the shore for breakfast, when the text says he was in the buff. I'd seen it coming though. Pontius Pilot in the Roman bathhouse was sensibly dressed in a set of AD33 boxer shorts.

However, see it you should. Risen is more than a brave and epic movie; there is a little of something for everyone here. And, however much you like it, you'll know there's a Southern Baptist out there who'll like it even more.

Discussion resources based on the film are available here

Review by Peter Meadows, a communications consultant.

Heart 4 Ipswich Movie Review, 23/03/2016



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