Sarah's Story Part 4 - Second Chance!

Sarahs Story 300x400"At what point did my social drinking tip over into dependent, alcoholic drinking?  When did it go so horribly wrong? I really don't know." ... Sarah Page bravely tells how she overcame her alcohol addiction... Sarah works for Ipswich based charity, Talitha Koum where she now helps other women 

Just over two years ago she was moving rapidly down a path of self-destruction and almost certain death 

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On the 2nd December 2013, I walked – no I think God carried me – into an AA meeting (Alcoholics Anonymous) and the compulsion to drink left me instantly.  It was nothing short of a miracle.   God had done for me what I could not do for myself – or anyone else. 

He freed me in an instant from the burden of my alcoholism – and I haven't physically craved a drink since. I felt as though a huge weight had been lifted from me. God so blessed me that from that day to this I had no withdrawal symptoms and have been granted excellent health. 

alcohol Female 1What an amazing gift God had given me.  What an amazing spiritual re-awakening.  I left that meeting with hope and a sense of peace and calm that I hadn't felt for a very long time. 
I met some amazing people – all of whom seemed to understand me.  

They were speaking my language – and seemed to know my story – my thinking – my feelings – my behaviour –   without me having uttered a single word ….... and I felt incredibly humbled by the stories they shared. 

I felt myself drawn to a lovely lady who became my AA sponsor.   We met regularly and I began working the 12 step programme of recovery suggested to me. The AA programme of recovery is very spiritual – and I had very little difficulty in deciding to turn my will, and my life over to the care of God. 

alcohol Female 3I started going to church on Sundays with my parents again and attended regular AA meetings. I was recovering physically but there was still something missing – and I think now that it was that I hadn't yet found my spiritual home, my church family, in Ipswich.

When I was four months into my recovery, David crossed my path again when he took two funerals I attended. We met and talked at length – and I shared my story with him.  I told him that I was still searching for my spiritual home and asked him where, as a retired Minister, he now worshipped.

In June 2014 I walked into Shepherd Drive Baptist Church for the first time and heard the Minister, Simon Robinson share God's word in a way I'd not experienced before. The message was so very clear. I had absolutely no doubt about what God was calling me to do – and I kept going back.  

I attended a Christianity Explored course during which Simon helped me more clearly understand God's word.

God's calling was and still is so strong, that I knew without any doubt – that I wanted to commit my life to Him – to reaffirm my faith in Him – and be part of His church. He is here with me now – in my heart – and here to stay.

Jesus died on the cross, so that our sins may be forgiven. 
I asked Him to come into my heart and my life to forgive all my sins, be they in thought, word or deed.  

I know that through His Grace, I have received that forgiveness and that Jesus Christ, my Lord and my God, is now working in me, filling me with the Holy Spirit and that He will be with me forever. 

Not everyone is given a second chance – but by the Grace of God –  I have been, and I am so very, very grateful.

...To be continued next week


TalithaKoumLogoSarah Page works for Ipswich based charity, Talitha Koum (TK) working with others to help women caught in addiction

Sarah's Story is being serialed and reprinted by kind permission every Monday in as her personal blog

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Sarah Page, 22/07/2016
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